Kudos For Dell’s Free Part Recycling Program

We received our replacement keyboard for our Dell laptop today.

A line at the bottom of the slip caught our eye, “For information on how to properly dispose of your part, please go to Dell’s recycling website:” and then provided a URL.

Firstly, the link was broken. A quick search on Dell’s site found the right one.

There we punched in our address and such and Dell gave us a prepaid DHL waybill to send the package to their recycling center in California.

We don’t run with the tree chaining crowd, but this is pretty neat.

Now if only the link was correct and wasn’t 69 characters long. Think of all the energy wasted by thousands of customers typing that in.


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  1. Flor carpet tiles are ‘green’, too. They are made out of recyclable materials, and when you need to swap them out for new ones, they’ll take your old ones and recycle them.

    They pay the UPS shipping too.


  2. Pardon me if I’m not too impressed at a corporation that recycles only their own product, and only if the customer happens to notice that it’s an option and persues it. Mediocre at best.

  3. madderhatter says:

    They’ll take any PC. When you’re buying one on-line from them one of the last “configuration selections” you make is whether you want them to recycle your old PC for free.

  4. neobolts says:

    Doesn’t Dell use refurbished parts for same models under warranty? Is this “act of kindness” a way to cut the cost of acquiring replacement parts?

  5. blobert says:

    For a more complete look at what steps which electronic corporation is taking, click over to Greenpeace’s Guide to Greener Electronics.

    I consider this tidbit of info substantial enough for my “debut contribution”. Hopefully you think so too. ;-)