Wal-Mart Takes Layaway Behind The Chemical Sheds

And, just in time for Christmas, Wal-Mart officially slits the Layaway Service’s throat.

Instead of Layaway, employees are now being told to try to sell customers high-interest Wal-Mart credit cards if they want to Layaway that Barbie Dream Castle for Christmas.

If the customer realizes that tying Wal-Mart into your credit rating is a bad idea, no layaway. If you do put it on your card, you get the item immediately, but if you don’t pay if off after 30 days, you get your entire credit rating screwed.

It’s win, win for Wal-Mart. On one hand, it encourages fat and sexy interest payments amongst irresponsible shoppers. On the other hand, it doesn’t require Wal-Mart to actually keep track of the purchases you want to make or the money you’ve already paid!

More on the end of Layaway [Behind the Counter] (Thanks, James!)


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  1. Smoking Pope says:

    Nice V for Vengeance reference.

  2. Smoking Pope says:

    If you don’t pay off after 30 days, you may not be the sorriest piece of ass in town, but you’ll surely be the sorest.

    Nice V reference, Ben.

    (And if this double-posts, sorry. FLaky comments this morning.

  3. Smoking Pope says:


  4. Falconfire says:

    Yeah I couldn’t believe this when I saw the first portion of the story reading back through blog postings when Behind the Counter first showed up here.

    If Walmart really wanted to know what they could do to stop showing up on Consumerist, here it is right there, STOP FUCKING YOUR CUSTOMERS.

    People dont shop at Walmarts simply cause they are everywhere. They shop at them cause they are CHEAP. These people generally make just above minimum wage which your buddys in DC with your lobbing help kept at 5 bucks.

    Layaway was something that greatly helped these people be able to pay for things WITHOUT falling on the crutch of credit cards, which for these people with little money are a disaster waiting to happen. And here you take away something that prevented these people from spending above their means and you have a system designed to ruin their lives just so it makes you more money, and you wonder WHY people say Walmart contributes to the destruction of the American economy.

    What wose, anyone can get these cards. Even with a dirt poor or no credit score you will be able to get a Walmart credit card, and I can garentee you they will make it so no matter what you will be able to buy that 5000 dollar TV even if any real credit agency would give them little or no credit.

    So if you really want to know one of the ways you can stop being on this and other sites, start making your corperate cronies have a heart and understand lower class America, your major audience.

  5. amazon says:

    Falconfire: You hit the nail on the head. (I know that I have used the wm layaway to avoid spending on the credit cards)

  6. DeeJayQueue says:

    walmart isn’t the only company that does/did layaway, and it’s a trend now, most companies either are trying to get rid of it or already have.

    It’s a moneysink for the company to have to employ people to track down deadbeats who can’t pay, to have to take up real estate in stores with unsaleable merchandise, and then by the time the limit has expired on when something can be put back, it’s out of season/discontinued/been recalled.

    Layaway doesn’t help people afford things, responsibility does. Layaway forces responsible spending on rails, so nobody learns anything.

    if you absolutely can not be trusted to save money on your own, buy a walmart gift card, lock it up and every week call and add more money to it. then you can go in and buy whatever you want once you can afford it for real, instead of on credit.

  7. The_Truth says:

    I thought Wal-Mart was actually lobbying for a minimum wage increase?

  8. Anonymously says:

    I don’t see any problem with ending Layaway, but the store credit card thing with a layaway if they decline is BS.

  9. orielbean says:

    @The_Truth – yes they were – it makes their low wages more palatable, and keeps the rate of inflation rising so they won’t lose their margin. They can raise prices to match inflation b/c people would be making more via the increase, as they are the bottom of the wage barrel.

    Anybody notice the press release about a year ago, where the CEO defended their wages? He said the average worker made about 8-10 bucks an hour, but he included himself and the other executives as part of the average. The median amount, which is the amount where most employees end up, came to almost exactly the minimum wage…What a scumbag that guy is. Sam Walton is spinning in his grave right now.

  10. amazon says:

    On a customer service note: taking out the layaway person will force someone who is actually busy to answer the phone.

  11. Uurp says:

    “it doesn’t require Wal-Mart to actually keep track of the purchases you want to make or the money you’ve already paid!”

    Beleive me, they’re doing this already.