Wal-Mart Takes Layaway Behind The Chemical Sheds

And, just in time for Christmas, Wal-Mart officially slits the Layaway Service’s throat.

Instead of Layaway, employees are now being told to try to sell customers high-interest Wal-Mart credit cards if they want to Layaway that Barbie Dream Castle for Christmas.

If the customer realizes that tying Wal-Mart into your credit rating is a bad idea, no layaway. If you do put it on your card, you get the item immediately, but if you don’t pay if off after 30 days, you get your entire credit rating screwed.

It’s win, win for Wal-Mart. On one hand, it encourages fat and sexy interest payments amongst irresponsible shoppers. On the other hand, it doesn’t require Wal-Mart to actually keep track of the purchases you want to make or the money you’ve already paid!

More on the end of Layaway [Behind the Counter] (Thanks, James!)

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