No, Really, WaMu Gave Out Counterfeit $100s

Despite the horde of commenters asserting he got slipped fake $100s by an African Safari company, reader BC persists in laying the blame on WaMu.

After posting on The Consumerist, BC’s wife reminds him that the tour operator only handed them back *two* of the three counterfeit $100s. The other Franklin was outside at the time, in a bag, in a Land Rover.

In the original comment, Papadopoulos said that having worked as a WaMu teller and ATM custodian, the ATMs are sometimes loaded with cash from the street.

Kustoo, also a former WaMu employee, agrees. After all, he got slipped fake $100s from WaMu. He says, “The truth is that unless you notice that the money is fake before you actually leave the bank, no bank is going to take responsibility.”

BC writes, “I totally trusted the safari company… they were awesome, and it was just before the prime season, so it was a deeply discounted safari too. I mean, even if he had actually been who robbed me, it still would have been cheap.”

He adds, “I’ll go back to Africa, but I’ll never step in a WaMu again.”

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