Cingular Salesman Attack Each Other With Boxes

Word has spread out that Cingular sucks and is screwing over their customers, causing a steep dropoff in walk-in customers to the cellphone company’s retail locations.

The stagnation has gotten so bad that their their salesman are reduced to cruel cardboard box pranks to entertain themselves.

Please visit a Cingular store today and help put a stop to employee-on-employee violence.


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  1. FLConsumer says:

    This is very representative of how Cingular treats their customers. Glad I dumped them 2 years ago.

  2. jwissick says:

    I am getting ready to dump cingular. I am not at all pleased with the service they do not provide. Anyone have any comments about verizon?

  3. Tankueray says:

    It’s a ploy! They’re trying to upsell the video functions of the RAZR by using racial slurs. (because they can’t give their crap away.) Don’t drink the Kool-Aid!!!

  4. notlazyjustdontcare says:

    Ah, so that’s who uses the video function on a cell phone.

  5. PsychicPsycho3 says:

    My gods the guy behind the “camera” needs to shut up.

  6. incandescent says:

    it’s funnier if you put the box ontop of a door and watch it fall on their heads. at our location we have fun with the helium and and dummy phones.

  7. Triteon says:

    Anyone have any comments about verizon?
    Just run a search for Verizon at the right. Some good, some bad, very little porn.

  8. Plasmafire says:

    Before the AT&T merger, My cellphone reception was great, but now all of a sudden people are getting cut off, sometimes my phone and my other family phones don’t even ring, sometime people are unable to call us, and there is some sort of a network unable to connect message, and all sorts of other crappyness happening. Cingular went down in flames in record speed, and now that my contract is over, and has been for several months, i’m wondering is Cingular still worth anything?

  9. holycrap says:

    Okay, this video was never supposed to be released to the public, this is our store and we were messing with one of our employees b/c he always says he outdoes us cause he is spanish. THIS IS NOT FOR PUBLIC consumption and it is TOTALLY STAGED, we really dont know how it got to the public but it does not reflect on cingular in any way.
    PLEASE PLEASE Remove this video, we work hard and dont want to get fired over a stupid video.

  10. exkon says:

    I’m up in WA state, and Cingular works fine for me. I get great signal at work and at home. I can understand if people have had bad experience with them before. No complaints from me, other than their stupid AT&T merger thing they had.

    There walk-in stores are usually a joke, always busy when I see one. I only go into to look at phones. Cingular never seems to get anything good…

  11. Beckie says:

    Excon, just wait until cingular cancells your service because over 50% of your calls are hitting off of other companies towers, as they did me, then you have to buy new phones because the cingular phones won’t accept other companies sim cards!
    Holycrap, If you get fired, find a better job and then sue them like everybody else is doing.
    Beckie in Alabama

  12. medalian1 says:

    Great the video is down. Post it somewhere besides youtube which takes down videos whenever someone complains.

  13. jmac32here says:

    dudes..VZW cant offer much more than Cingular..after their parent company sold AMPS 850 to Cingular, VZW now has 70% less home coverage nationwide..Cingular is getting better daily.