Cell Phones Scream When You’re Mugged

Does society need more ear-piercing shrieks? The car alarm. The house alarm. The fire alarm. The unbearable sound of small, obnoxious children at play. And now, the stolen cellular phone alarm.

Remote XT has come up with just such a device, aimed to prevent theft of mobile phone. If your phone is stolen, it will begin to emit a spine-liquefying, banshee-like wail. It will only stop if you remove the battery. From then on, the phone won’t work.

They seem to primarily be aiming their business at London, where just about everyone has found themselves mugged for their cell phone. Countdown to the opening of tiny Korean hole-in-the-wall shops specializing in disarming a screaming telephone for five bucks!

New phone will scream if it’s stolen [Yahoo News]


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  1. samuel1613 says:

    Honestly, wife’s phone was stolen off the chair next to her at the gym while she turned to talk to a friend. This device would have caught the perpatrator(sp?) red-handed. Instead the room full of people working out offered no distiguishable cell-phone theives. I hope this gets to the US market… and soon.