Binge Shopping: Men And Women Equally Lack Self-Control

Men, cease your superiority, your smug commentary on why women need to buy so many pairs of shoes to get in the kitchen and make you dinner. As a sex, they may very well be inscrutable, but it turns out that we’re all shopaholics on the first x chromosome.

According to a study conducted at Standford university, researchers discovered that about six percent of both women and men were compulsive shoppers and binge shopped until they suffered financial hardship or kneecaps broken by diamond-toothed loan sharks.

I’m guessing that women largely binge shop for shoes, tampons and post-its to passive-aggresively stick on the rim of a raised toilet-seat. Men? Urinal cakes shaped like footballs and hard core pornography, nautrally.

Men As Likely As Women to Be Binge Shoppers [ABC News]