WaMu’s Friendly Layout Gets Customer Robbed

A man is suing Washington Mutual’s for being robbed at knifepoint for $20,805 after leaving the bank.

According to Jaime Quiroz Sanchez’s suit, he was mugged by a man who saw his cashola laid out on a WaMu “teller towers” where employees stand at open-air kiosks, face to face with customers, without benefit of windows or bars.

During Sanchez’s transaction that day, the teller held $100 one at a time up to the light, then walked away to speak with a manager.

“It seemed like an eternity to me,” Sanchez recalled. “He left $20,000 sitting on that little podium. How many times have you looked at a pile of money like that? I looked to the right and the left, and everyone was looking at me. And I could tell the people weren’t having good thoughts.”

Apparently it’s not just customers who find WaMu’s open-air layout more user-friendly.

Client Faults WaMu Layout in Robbery” [LAT]