Choke So-Called Doctors, Not Chicken

The suspicious ties between PCRM and PETA notwithstanding, the entire basis for their lawsuit against fast food companies rests on quicksand. They claim tests revealed PHIP, a possibly carcinogenic compound, to be found in the chicken at major fast food chains.

But commenter Mike M says, “I’m a chemist, and I can say that Phip is in nearly every protein-based food that is grilled (perhaps even including grilled tofu).”

Besides, PHIPS has only been shown to be a possible initiator and promoter of prostate cancer in rats.

So as long as you’re not a rodent in a cancer experiment, you should be all good.


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  1. BostonBum says:

    And, like I said in the first post, you’d be worse off eating grilled meat at home:

    One study has evaluated the content of HCAs in fast food restaurants. After evaluating five kinds of meat products from various fast food restaurant chains, the study concluded that there were low levels of HCAs found in fast food meat products due to factors such as cooking temperature and time. The study suggested that greater exposure to HCAs stems from home cooking and cooking in non-fast-food restaurants where food may be cooked to order and where a larger amount of meat is consumed.

    Taken from The National Cancer Institute