Apple Fights Pod Power

Who owns the word ‘pod’? How about ‘podcast’?

According to Apple, they do, and they’re trying to sue Podcast Ready — a company that makes podcast delivery software — for breaching their trademark. Apple claims they are confusing consumers.

This actually bodes poorly for Apple: no one at this point thinks that a podcast is inextricably linked to an iPod. It’s just an mp3, distributed over RSS feeds. The term ‘podcast’ is just ubiquitous on the Internet, rarely being connected with an iPod anymore. What is Apple intending on doing? They’d have to sue half the internet to keep the word to themselves at this point.

It’s already a lost battle: Apple’s “pod” branding is going to go the way of zipper and velcro, mark my words.

Apple go to war over ‘pod’ [Daily Mail]

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