State Farm Lacks Persistence of Vision

State Farm is convinced that Rick was involved in a hit and run in San Francisco in July, even though he was out of town all that month and it seems they don’t even have the right license plate. Just to be sure, they stopped by Rick’s house to take photos of his car, a feat in and of itself as they intially demanded he bring it to their offices himself.

    “The lady dropped by my flat today, 15 minutes before she said she would…. took a few dozen pictures of my car, which I asked to scan into my laptop from her memory card, so I’d know what they have in case they try to mutilate them using Photoshop, she refused saying she was a little rushed, so I told her they’d made me miss my morning meetings at work (which is true), she apologized, sarcastically remarking “try not to hit a car next time” and drove off.”

State Farm, you a bitch.

Update: State Farm Isn’t All There
State Farm Isn’t All There

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