Drunk Naked Guy Storms Starbucks!

A shattered window, a naked man, a Whitley Heights Starbucks in LA:

    At 5am this morning, a “drunken naked guy” used a sock full of rocks to shatter the glass on the front door, and stormed inside to eat “all the pastries”. Police responded and found the guy running around the store, resisting arrest. He had feathers in his hair and an American flag… although it wasn’t explained to me if this was a large or small flag, or where it was placed (or, perhaps, raised). The cops had to use rubber bullets and a beanbag shotgun to subdue him.

    After relaying this tale, a Barista chimed in, “In spite of what happened, they still let me come to work today.”

That’s one way to get your free iced coffee, we guess.

Naked man runs through Starbucks, eats pastries, gets shot by rubber bullets [Blogging.la]


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  1. dude, i was hungry.

  2. Triteon says:

    So…was he a tall, grande or venti?

  3. Paula says:

    What the *%&% is a beanbag shotgun???

  4. Triteon says:

    It’s just a beanbag fired from a shotgun…the double-barrelled equivalent of rubber bullets.

  5. The_Truth says:

    A shotgun, that fires beanbags..

    Bigger area of effect on the person it hits, usually knocks em to the ground and causes some decent bruising. Apparently they are safer than rubber bullets…

  6. AcilletaM says:

    Unless you take a bean bag to the head.

  7. LafinJack says:

    But easier on the head than a bullet, no?

  8. orielbean says:

    even then the bean bag isn’t as bad. the rubber bullet in the eye, or a pepper paintball are the two things that have been known to kill people shot in the eye or face.