Clark Howard Attacks Bank of America For Jailing Customer, Costs Millions

A Bank of America customer trying to verify a check sent to him by a scammer was cast in irons for his trouble. Now Clark Howard, consumer activist radio host, has started a campaign encouraging everyone to withdraw their money from BofA in protest. Bank officials claim they’re just doing their duty but Howard and his viewers aren’t buying it. According to Howard’s site, so far they’ve cost BofA over $18 million in withdrawals.

Mob justice at its finest! Love it.

(Thanks to Kieran!)


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  1. AcilletaM says:

    I love Clark Howard. If only I wasn’t buried in the bowels of my office building and I could get reception of his radio show…

  2. The Bans says:

    Dunno, what if the dude was actually a scammer? Seems a bit hastey..

  3. Marcus says:

    Couldnt this possibly cause some distress for BoA patrons that choose not to participate? I mean, I might be infantile in my understanding of banking in our fine country, but if enough people do this, wouldnt that theoretically mean that the bank wouldnt have enough cash on hand to process my withdrawals, therefore having to draw on the FDIC and creating a whole mess of economic issues?

    Could Clark Howard cause the second great depression?! OK, probably not, but my above point remains.

  4. segfault, registered cat offender says:

    Bank officials claim they just doing their duty …

    Please, someone, get Ben a copy of Grammarian.

  5. Mary Marsala with Fries says:

    Marcus: Not quite. It’s when money gets hastily withdrawn from *all* or most banks that the FDIC gets swamped and you risk economic crisis. Not only should the FDIC be able to cover one bank (though I make no claims about our Bush-trashed economy specifically), but in the event that a bank goes out of business, other banks and various funds buy its debt, just like they buy your debt when your mortgage gets sold.

    Howard is attacking a company, not the nation’s economy — in fact, unless we want companies to turn this nation into a corporate-militia-run nightmare, we need more people like Howard steering things in the right direction (or at least away from the wrong one). What do you think happens if companies experience no backlash for this kind of behavior? I think what he’s doing, in encouraging repercussions for harassing your customers and depriving them of their freedom with no basis of proof to do so, is actually quite patriotic.

  6. Trai_Dep says:

    …Kind of like, “It’s A Wonderful Life”. After George jails Clarence for giving the bartender incorrect change for his drink.

    “Every time you hear the clink of handcuffs, an angel gets his wings!”

  7. Magister says:

    Do we really believe that much money has been withdrawn from BoA?

  8. God Bless Clark Howard. Brother can suck the plating off a nickel to maximize the value. I’ve listened to the Bank of America interviews, and “hasty” is the last thing I’d describe him as. You can hear the Interview with the BofA press folks here:

    The poor bastard that tried to cash the bad check was only doing what was right and proper. Fight the Power, Clark Baby!

  9. omicronpersei8 says:

    Adam Sandler?

  10. Dunno, what if the dude was actually a scammer?

    Why would you check with the bank that this wasn’t a bad check if you’re trying to scam them?

  11. beautiful says:

    Seen Clark’s meter lately? It’s up to $20 million now, and rising; way to go Clark, hit them where it hurts, the wallet. They deserve that from the treatment they gave Matthew, and it could have been you or me. Imagine going into your branch and asking if a check is good, then end up getting arrested. THAT’S INSANE!! I’m behind Clark 110% and withdrew ALL of my funds from BOA, and would do it again!!
    God Bless Clark! Check out the interview from BOA on

  12. fairplay says:

    Do you believe Shinnick did not know the check was bogus? A 2000 dollar check on a business account for a 600 purchase; come on. All charges were dropped by the DA. Shinnick spent his money to go before a judge to get the arrest removed from his record. Arrest does not equal conviction and anybody who asks if you have ever been arrested does not deserve an answere.