Unholy Marriage Betwixt AT&T and Bellsouth Nearing FCC Approval

FCC Chairman Kevin Martin seems to be close to inking his rubber stamp for a merger between AT&T and Bellsouth, a move that would create the world’s largest telco company.

Among the war spoils, the merger would grant AT&T control over the Cingular cellphone service.

Wait a second, didn’t Cingular buy AT&T’s cellphone service? And then there was a flood of consumer complaints over unreasonable surcharges and poor service? And a class-action suit started? And Beckie got her service cancelled because Cingular’s towers were too crappy?

Ah yes, the proverbial lube-up before the reaming. Ma Bell got the ill communication, indeed.

FCC Clears the Way for AT&T-BellSouth Merger” [ConsumerAffairs]

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