T-Mobile Happy Endings!

Last week, David complained about T-Mobile charging him double what he expected. When he phoned the cellphone company, they disputed the basis of his complaint, calling him a liar. We posted the story.

Then, Grahm Crow, a PR rep for Waggener Edstrom Worldwide, retained by T-Mobile, saw our post. He wrote in wanting to help. We put him in touch with David. Today, sweet, sweet, resolution.

David writes:

    “I want to thank you guys for helping me get my T-Mobile issue taken care of I was contacted today and told that they were giving me a credit for the full amount of the overage.

    I wish it hadn’t taken the amount of effort that it did, but I do appreciate that T-Mobile finally realized the best way to balance their interest and mine. 😉 Thanks for the help and thanks to T-Mobile for coming around on this.”

The Consumerist, making dreams come true.

Waggener Edstrom Worldwide has several white papers with suggestions for companies and PR professionals on engaging blogs. Perhaps someone will be so kind as to forward them on to appropriate parties at Edelman.