Lawyer Claims Only Sex Offenders Upset

So what’s going on with everyone’s favorite pedophile paranoia site,

Well, unfortunately, hasn’t yet been shut down. They aren’t doing anything illegal, per se, though it’s extremely clear that they are an email harvesting scam. But there’s been a flurry of activity in the Denver press about the site, all of which has been extremely negative.

Florian McCann’s still silent, although his reason for silence is absolutely hysterical.

“McCann did not want to talk on camera with 7NEWS for fear of retribution from sex offenders.”

Right. God forbid a sex offender know where you live, McCann. It’s only kosher the other way around.

His lawyer claims that “the only people who could possibly be upset about what he’s doing is sex offenders.” Well, okay, that does explain why Ben’s got a bug up his ass about it. But me? I’m plenty pissed too.

Thanks, AcitellaM!

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