Car Dealership Bilks Old Man and Steals $2000 With His ATM Card

You might think that going after car dealers for shady dealings is just too obvious and easy for the Consumerist. So it’s not just any car dealer story that rises to the top of our hallowed frontpage.

UPDATE: Old Man Sues Ripoff Dealership, Wins $41,679+

Consider Kenneth Hammel, a handicapped Pennsylvania man who’s either 77 or 87 years old, depending on which report you read. He walked into the Cherry Hill, New Jersey, Triplex car dealership last December, looking for a vehicle that could accommodate his wheelchair lift.

The dealership sold him a defective Kia Sedona van, at a price $700 over the MSRP. When he brought the van in a few weeks later for repairs, they gave him a different car, but not as a replacement under the lemon law. Rather, they treated the vehicle as a trade-in, and the “necessary paperwork” he signed unwittingly bought him another, higher priced car.

To top it off, they asked him for his ATM card so they could run a “credit check.” They took $2000 from his account.

It goes without saying that they took advantage of an old man who didn’t know what he was really doing. Whether we want to see anyone like that driving is a separate issue.

The dealership should worry, though. Hammel has retained the services of a lawyer named Craig Thor Kimmel. The guy’s middle name is “Thor,” for God’s sake. May his Hammer of Justice strike the Anvil of Ripoff Artists!

Lawsuit claims dealership pulled bait-and-switch []
87 Year Old, Handicapped Man from Bucks County Sues Cherry Hill Triplex for Fraud, Deceptive Practices and Theft of Thousands of Dollars [press release, via Yahoo]


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  1. Xkeeper says:

    Holy shit. I hope those people get locked up.

    That’s just wrong.

  2. Magister says:

    That is pretty bad.. Xkeeper took my words, I was thinking the exact same thing.. HOLY SHIT.

  3. exkon says:

    God damn…these salesmen make normal salesmen look like Jesus…These are bastards to their very core…

  4. mandarynn says:

    Ripping off a disabled elderly man more than once? Truly evil.

    I hope these guys get a one way ticket to Car Salesman Hell where “Everyone must GO! GO! GO! straight to the torture chambers….”

  5. homerjay says:

    Why would going after shady dealershits be too easy? Go for it! I say, shut them all down and start buying cars exclusively online. Can it possibly be worse than those guys??

  6. gte910h says:

    I would love a consumer protection platform to be advocated by an attorney general for a state. I’d vote for him.

  7. adamondi says:

    A defective Kia Sedona? I was not aware that they made anything that was not defective. I believe this is a redundant statement.

  8. I’m with you Homerjay…why do we still have dealerships at all? Nobody likes dealing with the salesmen…It’s time to get rid of that outdated business model.

    Oh, and I hope Thor hammers those assholes. I wonder if he wears a winged helmet and carries a hammer in his briefcase…

  9. DeeJayQueue says:

    i live in philly, and the Cherry Hill Triplex is just over the river from me. I’m always seeing their commercials that end with “so why aren’cha here yet?”
    they have a common deal where they’ll “give you $10,000 for your trade in! (or make your first 2 payments)” like that’s some sort of comparable deal, or as if anyone ever gets 10k for their trade. The most current thing is “We’ll pay off your car no matter how much you owe!” which basically means “Our in-house financing goons would be happy to roll the 7 grand you’re upside down into a new note with 17% interest.”

    As used car scum goes, they’re down there near the bottom. Avoid at all costs.

  10. GenXCub says:

    Crayon, I don’t know how most states have it, but in Vegas, a lot of dealerships are closed on Sundays. The only people working are security. This lets people browse cars up front without being given the rundown by sleazy salespeople. I much prefer to see a car up close. Online can’t cut it in this case, due to the amount of cash you have to put out.

  11. ritiff says:

    They got my mother and me didnt realize it till too late after i won a lemon law suit.2005 kia sedona junk they smooth talked us sayin they are payin off my current car looan of 10 grand just flipped it on the new loan.Sticker price shows 20,995 invoice price shows 31,995?plus they tacked on the 10grand pay off amount on this Kia.Mother bought a 04 dealer demo mitsubishi endeavor no sticker price sale contract shows 43,000 she ordered the window sticker it reads 26,000 and its a dealer demo?