Monday Morning Readers Round-Up

I mentioned it a bit earlier today, but companies are starting to read this blog. Last week, complaints about T-Mobile, Coinstar and Cingular led to direct intervention from the companies.

So when you write us, you’re not just sending off a missive into the vacuum. Companies (or at least their PR arms) are reading. It’s no longer just kvetching: writing the Consumerist is becoming more and more like cutting through the CSR bullshit and going straight to the top.

Which is all the more reason you should send us your complaints! We always read them; most of the time, we post ’em. We’re also always looking for good experiences, to keep our cynicism well balanced, as well as specific pointers to stories you think people would like to see here.

Last week’s reader emails, after the jump.

UPDATE: We Talk To Cingular About Their One-Way Contract
Random Chance In A Godless Universe: Three Good Customer Service Experience
Femi-Nazi Bookworm Chainsaw Rip-Off Party!
Sears’ Frosty Home Repair
Verizon Wireless: “You’re All Wet.”
Home Depot’s Wedding Registry Requires Too Much Commitment
Acne Treatment, not Acne, Triggers Suicide?
Heartwarming: Dell Re-Replaces Faulty 5150
eBay Thinks Sandra Bernhard Is A Pirate!
Coinstar Wants To Give Karen Her $2.94 Back!
How-To Get Out Of A T-Mobile Restocking Fee: Get Mugged
The Geography of Usury
Circuit City Removes Walls and Running Water for Call Center Workers
T-Mobile: U R a L1AR! LOL!
Cingular’s One-Way Contract
Where’s My Applecare? “Trust Us!”
Comcast Sending Out Mystery iPods?
Jiffy Lube Scamming Customers Nationwide
Bank of America’s Fraud Department Takes a Holiday
UPDATED: Office Bait-and-Switch Max
Sears’ Pricey House-call
Inside Deepest Darkest WalMart
DirecTV: Not Ready for Some Football
Delay Your Flight With Gun Embroidered Case
Petty or Not? Karen’s $2.94 Coinstar Complaint
RESOLVED: Target Targets Handicapped, We Target Them
Milk, Milk, Lemonade


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  1. Nancy Sin says:

    That’s all good and fine, but that mutant rat is a bit much for me to see first thing in the morning.

  2. wikkit says:

    I’m with del_ruby, I just ate!!! How about a cuddly puppy instead guys?

  3. ElizabethD says:

    What the hell happened to that rodent’s back??? Please enlighten us.

  4. amazon says:

    ElizabethD: That rat (mouse?) is growing an ear on its back. (Wasn’t there a Seinfeld episode or something about this?)

    Anyway, the more I look at it, the grosser it gets. I miss the good ol’ days of pictures of explosions and sexual innuendo. ;)

  5. acambras says:

    The appendage on the rat reminds me of the shofar picture in the article about people paying to attend Rosh Hashanah services (further down the page). I don’t know why. I didn’t figure it out until I got further down the page and said, “Ah! The mouse has a shofar growing out of his back!”