Confirmed: $100 For A New Bank Of America Account

Earlier in the week, we got someone $2.94. A major coup. But now, we’ve managed to get someone $100, thanks to last month’s Get $100 From Bank of America post:

    I just checked my new Bank of America account and only after 30 days they have credited me $100 for the new account.

    I never would have known about this sweet deal without you guys.

    And for what it is worth, I never had to make that second deposit they claim you need to make to get the $100. Easiest $100 ever!

    You guys are great and I love your site, keep up the good work!

We love you too, Meta! Anyone who signed up for this, check your bank accounts. If the $100 is there, buy us something pretty. Ben would like to request some frilly undergarments; I would be partial to Jascha Heifetz’s 65 CD RCA collection.

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