AOL Visa Credit Card, Now Offering Discounts on Free AOL Service!

Reader Alexa (or is it “Alex a” ?? Either there’s a spacebar issue, or someone is capitalization-challenged…) is the proud holder of an AOL Visa credit card, which provides the ultimate in credit card rewards: Free AOL service!

Which would be great, except it’s not. Even if AOL hadn’t gone to a free subscription model, making the “rewards” moot, it’s still AOL. Thankfully, Alex/a knows the modern day consequences of her youthful, collegiate credit indiscretions, and is looking to make amends.

The card is issued by Chase, who doesn’t want to convert her points into something more useful. Like, say, cash.

On this point, we advise you to keep calling back and trying, Alex A., until you get an agent (or supervisor) who understands your problem and adopts a solution you can live with. Ask to convert the card to another Chase card, preferably 1) with no annual fee, and 2) with some sort of rewards program. Call, ask about options, and start dealing.

We recently had a similar dilemma when Citibank stopped issuing one of our rewards cards, but we’re back on the wagon with the same credit limit, similar terms, and a similar rewards program. Ask, and ye shall receive Alex/Alexa!

Al’s e-mail after the jump.

So I got an AOL visa card about 7 years ago when I first started college.

The deal is you earn points with your purchases and can then pay for your AOL account.

So yes I have the lamest reward card on earth and yes AOL sucks but I am stuck with the card because I have a $25000 limit now so I don’t want to lose that.

So I usually call once a year and the put my points toward about a year worth of AOL service.

So I call recently to use my points.

The CSR says oh haven’t you heard AOL is free now!

Well yeah but what the hell am I gonna do with all these stupid points?

turns out they are changing to chase flex points and my points are not transferable.

to make matters worse I get a letter in the mail 3 days later reminding me to us my points before I lose them?

wtf the only thing I can use them for is to avoid paying for what is now a free service.

So Now I am stuck with a crappy card a crappy isp and the promise of a new points reward programs in the future. Great

Alex a