WalMart Slashes Generic Prescription Prices

WalMart’s bouncing smiley face just danced up and down on top of your local CVS. Once the roof caved, he moved over to Walgreens, where the body count is pending. RiteAid is next. Cower in fear.

The dancing smiley orb of cost savings and senior citizen labor exploitation shook up the pharmaceutical industry today with its announcement that that it would sell some generic drugs for as little as $4 for a month’s supply. The test market is in the Tampa area, but will soon spread to the rest of Florida, and will cover the country like measles next year.

Sounds like a hardball first move in the prescription market. Hopefully other companies will follow suit, and we’ll see some price breaks. Especially from those companies that will actually dispense the drugs your doctor prescribes.

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