Kmart: We Already Have a $5 Generic Drug Plan.

In the wake of media buzz concerning Wal-Mart’s $4 dollar a month generic drug plan, and Target’s claim that they too will slash prices, Kmart has responded: But we already have a $5 a month plan, hello? Guys? Are you there?

“Kmart stood by its existing plan, which offers a 90-day supply of selected generic drugs for $15. Kmart said its plan covers more than 185 medications and is expanding.

The company said that, while Kmart shoppers will pay $1 more per month for generic prescriptions, they only have to go to the pharmacy once every three months and can save money in gasoline costs for each trip to the store.”

Wal-Mart counters, “Whatever, bitch. $4.” Target responds, “Yeah, what Wal-Mart said.” Then Wal-mart and Target stole Kmart’s Hostess Cake and ripped off the head of Kmart’s favorite Han Solo action figure. They were not sorry.