Kmart: We Already Have a $5 Generic Drug Plan.

In the wake of media buzz concerning Wal-Mart’s $4 dollar a month generic drug plan, and Target’s claim that they too will slash prices, Kmart has responded: But we already have a $5 a month plan, hello? Guys? Are you there?

“Kmart stood by its existing plan, which offers a 90-day supply of selected generic drugs for $15. Kmart said its plan covers more than 185 medications and is expanding.

The company said that, while Kmart shoppers will pay $1 more per month for generic prescriptions, they only have to go to the pharmacy once every three months and can save money in gasoline costs for each trip to the store.”

Wal-Mart counters, “Whatever, bitch. $4.” Target responds, “Yeah, what Wal-Mart said.” Then Wal-mart and Target stole Kmart’s Hostess Cake and ripped off the head of Kmart’s favorite Han Solo action figure. They were not sorry.


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  1. FMF says:

    Just for the record — Kmart is owned by Sears. Look around this site for all the negative comments about Sears and think to yourself, “maybe that’s what Kmart is like too.”

    I’m surprised they didn’t come out with a $6 plan and pat themselves on the back.

  2. GenXCub says:

    That may be true, but so many of these places need to be judged on a location-by-location basis. Among the usual trashiness of Las Vegas K-Mart’s, there’s one specific location that really shines as being genuinely a good place to go for miscellanous cruft. But just that one. I say give a k-mart a chance if they already seem like they’re stepping up to the plate. If it looks like welfare cast-off central, then… well… yeah.

  3. After Ben returns, I hope that Meghann Marco will continue to drop us company-on-company smack talk run-downs.

  4. synergy says:

    If one were to go down the route of negative comments about a company, there’s a whole tab on Walmart at Consumerist, isn’t there? It’s not even just guilt-by-association as with Kmart-Sears.

  5. LafinJack says:

    Agreed, Megh is great. All hail Megh!

  6. i’m pretty sure kmart took over sears, technically speaking. i remember being surprised that they had the stones for it so soon after coming out of bankruptcy. if kmart’s feeling left out, it’s their own fault for not advertising the hell out of their prescription plan all along.

    wal-mart’s only just beginning to roll out the program, starting in florida- they have no set target for when it be nationwide. kmart still has plenty of time to steal wal-mart’s thunder.

    and without wanting to omit the obligatory joke, when did chinese sweatshops start churning out generic medications?

  7. FLConsumer says:

    K-Mart is still in business? Who the hell shops there? They’ve closed most of their stores around here. I think there’s only 2 of them in Tampa, compared to 5+ Targets and 10+ Wal-Marts.

  8. Plasmafire says:

    Yea! Lets watch the Pharmacy Industry go down in flames.. I wonder how this is going to effect the cost of healthcare.

    If K-mart wants to save itself it needs to open pharmacy’s inside Sears stores, you know, so the people who really need the painkillers, and antibiotics can get their powertools and their painkillers in one trip.

    And Target still kicks Walmart’s butt. Watch Walmart flee America for China, thats proof enough.