Inflation Watch: Religion Getting More Expensive

For Jewish Consumerists, the high holy days are nigh, and the expense may be greater than ever.

Expense? Indeed, expense. Across America, some synagogues and Jewish organizations like Hillel are charging fees to non-members who attend high holy day services.

At the University of Pennsylvania, students can participate in the campus Hillel’s services for free, but non-student guests must cough up $180 each. Society Hill Synagogue in Philadelphia charges $250 for nonmembers who participate in their events.

We don’t really understand how the costs can be this high, but maybe someone can explain it to us. Labor and hall rental are certainly expensive, and there’s certainly a “donation” built into the fee, but the rate seems astronomical for a religious service.

Happy Rosh Hashana! That’ll be $180, please [Daily Pennsylvanian] (Thanks, Joshua!)