Morning Deals Round-Up

• With TiVo’s increasingly nerfing its feature set to placate media fat cats, today’s Woot! might be of interest: the Adaptec GameBridge TV USB2 Video Capture/TV Tuner. Fight back! Capture your favorite shows and then setup a torrent. Information wants to be free; entitlement wants to be ubiquitous.

• Over at, you can pick up a 30GB Creative Zen Vision M Player for $229.99. That’s between ten and a hundred bucks off, depending on how clueless your compared seller is.

• Meghann Marco’s heart explodes: over at Costco, they’re selling the TMX Elmo for $34.99 in store. The ‘Bugger Me’ Elmo model on eBay is going for over fifty bucks, so this is likely an excellent investment. Swoop down. Buy them before some no good, rotten kid without any sense of pecuniary investment gets his snot-covered hands all over him.

Highlights from Dealhack

Harmony 550 Advanced Universal Remote $60 off at Dell Home

Free Custom Business Cards, Rubber Stamp & More at VistaPrint

LaCie Porsche 500GB USB Hard Drive $202 Shipped at


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  1. Meg Marco says:

    That Elmo is pure evil. If it can fall over and get back up again, how do you know that it’s not handy with a butcher’s knife? If I find out the Elmo voice is actually Brad Dourif, I’m destroying them personally.

  2. Funklord says:

    Be wary of those LaCie Porsche drives. They tend to run hot, and have intermittent failures, at least the one I bought did, and I found ample evidence of similar complaints online. I sent mine back to Amazon for a different model drive from LaCie, which worked much better.

  3. medalian1 says:

    Uh vista print ALWAYS has free crap, just hafta pay shipping and handling. Once in awhile (last month actually) you can get it free + free shipping. I’d wait, unless you need them right now.