Home Depot’s Wedding Registry Requires Too Much Commitment

Ethan is getting married, so he and his fianc

put a few items on Home Depot.com’s wedding registry. Then he changed his mind and put something else on the registry. Unfortunately for Ethan, once you add something to your registry it is carved into stone tablets and taken down a mountain.

Now Ethan is being inundated with a wave of Crawfish Boil Sets from which there is no escape. Ok, he only got a few. But he’s stuck with them and Home Depot is unapologetic. They even told Ethan to just “regift” the item, because they couldn’t give him store credit. Huh?

“As you’ll see in the letter, we substituted an item on our registry for another, then magically someone was able to order the deleted item. After the incorrect item was ordered, we deleted the new item so as to not receive it and sure enough it got ordered 5 days after it was removed.

Home Depot, please. How many Crawfish Boil Sets does one man need? Read highlights of Ethan’s email exchange with Home Depot after the jump.

My fiance and I have a registry on homedepot.com. Recently someone purchased a gift for us that was removed from our registry and I’d like to get to the bottom of it and maybe have you guys contact the person to see if they’d like to reconsider their purchase. Our names are Ethan XXXXX and Amy XXXX, wedding date is 10/8/06 and we had removed the Bayou Classic 30 Qt. Stainless-Steel Turkey Fryer Kit with Perforated Basket and added the Bayou Classic 32-Qt. Stainless Steel Steam-Boil-Fry Kit w/ Perforated Basket and Poultry Rack/Grab Hook Bayou Classic. Please contact me with an update to this problem.

Dear Ethan,

Thank you for your e-mail to homedepot.com!

We apologize for any inconvenience you have experienced concerning this matter. Unfortunately, we are unable to comply with your request.

Please continue to visit us at homedepot.com for information on all of your home improvement needs!


JuliAnn B.

Subject: Re: Contact Us – Other

Just wondering if you guys have ever heard of the website Consumerist.com?
I’ll be sharing my experience with them. We have 4 other registries elsewhere and they all have had no problems telling us who ordered what. Also, when we change something on other sites it actually gets changed. I don’t understand why your store cannot reliably update our registry and provide me with a list of who ordered what so I can rectify the problem by calling my relative or friend who purchased this gift. Its not like we have 100 items on our homedepot.com registry, we have 5.

By the way, I tried calling earlier today and was transferred 7 times (2x to the same dept.) before someone named Joe in Chattanooga politely advised me to regift the item in question. Surely, your company can come up with a better solution.



Dear Customer,

Thank you for contacting homedepot.com!

We apologize for the inconvenience caused to you.

Our goal is to provide every customer with an exceptional experience
every time. Please know that the feedback you have provided will be
taken very seriously and will be used in the overall evaluation of the
services provided to our customers.

For further assistance we recommend you to contact Internet Customer
Care at 1-800-430-3376. An associate will be happy to assist you better.

If we can be of any further assistance, please feel free to contact us



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