RESOLVED: Target Targets Handicapped, We Target Them

Last Monday, lovely reader Lexi wrote us about Fran, the Target store manager who publicly harangued her sweet, handicapped mother. We called Fran a cunt. We asked people to call and complain. It’s a testament to how much goodwill Target has that many of you played devil’s advocate for Fran.

And Target certainly seems to have earned that goodwill: the very next day, Lexi wrote to tell us that we’d helped escalate the issue to the regional manager, who was “very interested” in talking to Fran when she got back from vacation yesterday. And right on time, Lexi sent us her final email, giving us all the respite of resolution.

    Hi John! Lexi here. Cassandra just called me, and I wanted to let you know what happened- she said the entire executive staff at the store (including Fran) are going to go through sensitivity training, and that the store now has a brand new MartCart and also 2 push wheelchairs. She apologized again on behalf of Target and was, in short, very nice and professional. Maybe Fran was having a psycho day, maybe she’s just a bitch, but either way, she’ll have to go through sensitivity training, which is what I wanted to happen, so I’m really glad. I don’t think my mom will ever go there again, but I feel better about what happened, and I am sure that Fran at least will think twice before treating a customer that way. Thanks so much again for your help, I really appreciate it!

This is an optimal resolution. Fran gets training, but doesn’t get fired. More handicapped facilities are introduced to the Warwick store. Lexi walks away with her faith in Target restored. She’s happy and so are we.


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  1. homerjay says:

    The closest I’ve come to a sensitivity training session was watching The Office on NBC. If its anything like that Fran’ll be back harassing the handicapped in no time at all…

    And if its not like that, then I’ve just totally lost faith in TV.

  2. Jesse McBesse says:

    is it wrong of me to still think fran should have been fired? i’m glad the bitch is going to have to sit through sensitivity training (though i’m not sure i have much faith in it producing a long-lasting positive outcome) but humiliating an old lady like that?? it just doesn’t seem harsh enough!

  3. DeeJayQueue says:

    Jesse, all we’ve ever had of this story is Lexi’s side, we don’t know what happened from an objective point of view. I believe that Fran acted out of turn but to what degree still remains to be seen.
    I for one am pleased as punch as to the outcome of this event. I’d have liked to hear from Fran at least to get her POV but that’s probably out of the question.
    Basically, you can’t fire someone on a he-said-she-said accusation, and that’s all the higher-ups at Target have to go on.

  4. babette says:

    I’m glad that Lexi is happy with the outcome. However, I was a customer service manager and my husband is also a manager. We both discussed this and our initial response is Fran should have been fired on the spot. As with many large organizations this is probaly impossible. Fran should have been placed on probation or signed a contract that states that further customer service complaints will lead to termination.

  5. Triteon says:

    I agree with DeeJay. The customer (Lexi, at least; maybe her mother as well) seems to be satisfied by the Target course of action. Isn’t that really the point?

  6. Brianron says:

    I can’t believe that you namby-pamby Euro-thinking people are happy with a touchy-feely “we’re all satisfied,” warm and fuzzy resolution. In every argument/incident, there must be a winner and a loser! I say we need Thunderdome: Two go in, one comes out. Lexi v. Fran.

  7. Pelagius says:

    What about the retarded boy?

  8. ckilgore says:

    Does anyone else suspect that if you need a class to tell you not to be mean to people in wheelchairs then maybe the training won’t “stick”?

  9. homerjay says:

    I said it before and I’ll say it again- God help that kid if he’s not really retarded….

  10. LTS! says:

    I’m curious what the next trip to Target will bring when Lexi and her mother show up and Fran is hanging about. Hmmm that will be awkward.

    Still Fran is lucky she’s not fired. Obviously if Target really followed through on the new Mart Cart and two push wheelchairs, etc. they know Fran was at fault.

  11. Chongo says:

    When we had training days way back when I worked for a living, it would turn out to be some of the best days on the job. You got paid for one, and you got to pretty much talk to your work buddies, drink coffee and DO NOTHING. How is this a good resolution?

    IF the story is true then Fran should of been drop kicked out the sliding doors.