Morning Deals Round-Up

• At first, I thought today’s Woot! Two-for-Tuesday deal (pictured) was actually a couple of walkie talkies. “Echo echo, 10-40, roger, going to the pickle park, good buddy,” I excitedly started gibbering to myself. But it turns out it’s just a 2 pack of Logitech Wireless Bluetooth Headphones for (choke!) the PC only. $44.99. There’s some swank built-in controls that let you change songs by fiddling with your earpiece, Buck Rogers style.

• Back when I was 18, I used to be a big reader of Stuff magazines and its big-breasted sister-mother publication, Maxim. Then I discovered that every single article they’d ever written was a wild, implausible lie. But it’s still half-way decent toilet reading. is giving away a free subscription: just use code VIPSHOW.

• If you’re looking at one of those 80GB iPods and saving thirty bucks is likely to sway you, CompUSA is selling them for $319.99 shipped. Opalescent only.

Highlights from Dealhack

Iomega 320GB USB 2.0 External Hard Drive $110 at

Save 15% off Store-Wide During 3-Day Sale at Overstock

Acer 22-inch Widescreen DVI & SVGA LCD $300 at Tiger Direct


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  1. Magister says:

    I tried to order the magizine, but it dumped me to a sales presentation slide show on setting up the free mag promotion, as if I was a sponser. Ugh, and that was after giving my precious info.

  2. Paul D says:

    The logitech headphones are not technically Bluetooth. The transceiver only works with the headphones, no other bluetooth devices need apply.

    Found this out the hard way.

  3. Chongo says:

    BAH! iMuffs are better and slicker.