EXCLUSIVE: DefendMyStreet.Com Substantively Linked To Spammers

It looks like DefendMyStreet.com may indeed be exploiting Denver suburbanite’s fears about sex offenders to collect their email addresses and spam them. Reader Loy, who fights spam for a living, sends us the result of his probes.

A search with Netcraft Toolbar reveals DefendMyStreet.com’s nameserver organization as Megamailservers.

Furthermore, their IP space appears to come from: InternetNamesForBusiness.com , a well-documented spam/scam outfit.

Loy says, “Megamailservers is the mail services agent for Telus Internet and has been blocked by several large IPs for spam and spam-support dating back to 2005 (in Internet terms, a long time).”

The owner of DefendMyStreet.com, Florian McCann, is right. We really do need to defend our streets… from the likes of him.

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  1. aixwiz says:

    Hmmmm…I live near this guy.
    How about I rent a wood chipper and get 500 pounds of SPAM (yes, the meat product) to spray on his house?
    Anyone know where I can get SPAM in bulk quantities?

  2. AcilletaM says:

    aixwiz, sign up for it DefendMyStreet.com. Hey-o! (sorry, couldn’t resist).

    Would the next logical step be setting up an email address and signing it up and see if you get lawn aeration advertisements?