DefendMyStreet Owner’s Bad Business History

Even before scaring people into giving up their email addresses by spreading tales of sex offender bogeymen, Florian McCann did not have a good rep in Denver. Commentors Pelagius and AcilletaM found several complaints and even news items about McCann’s Mile HI Aeration company. Consumers complained about being billed and turned over to collections for aerations that were never performed. Frequently, poor service and damage to lawn sprinklers appear among the complaints. The BBB has over 339 complaints lodged against the company in the past 36 months, most unresolved. When Channel 7 asked Mile Hi back in 2002 about why it refuses to address complaints, they said they “don’t kiss up” to its customers.

McCann initially promoted his aeration services with flyers bearing the logos of the Colorado State University’s extension service and Denver Water. He had permission from neither to use their logos.

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Negative CitySearch review.

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  1. AcilletaM says:

    The company also said in the 2002 report that 70 reports to the BBB was an acceptable number.


  2. Ben Popken says:

    Oh dear, look at the second graph in their about us section:

    ” Unworthy competitors and so called “consumer advocates” of which we are not “paying” members have tried to disparage our company without success. That is because our loyal clients know the truth-we deliver the best service in town, we have the best equipment by far and we deliver the desired result of our valuable customer.

    Although we realize some consumers are “impossible to satisfy”, Mile Hi enjoys a satisfaction rate of better than 98%, unheard of in the customer service industry.”

  3. AcilletaM says:

    They use the fact they were on newscasts in their advertising: “As seen on the news“.

    And their Mile Hi citrus-fresh cleaner is so light and yummy, most guests can’t smell that you had a carpet cleaning.

  4. Pelagius says:

    God, these people really piss off their customers. Is it any surprise they have to farm for email addresses with their latest cockamamie scheme?

    Outpouring of rage #1
    Outpouring of rage #2
    They have even earned themselves an “I hate…” website!

  5. AcilletaM says:

    Well, according to a poster here, who seems to be a competitior, states that the guy did $2.1 million in work last year or about 40,000 jobs. This poster also goes into the Mile Hi business model too.

    I guess I can see where they get the 98% number from.

  6. AcilletaM says:

    Dumb, I should have done this search sooner. Let’s check out the info about their website here. Oh look, he has an email address.

  7. too_much_hate says:

    I think Mile Hi does a great job. Always in the Service industry you cannot make everyone happy, and yes their customer service isnt top notch, but compared to comcast and conoco and any support that goes overseas, there not that bad. and about 100 complaints for 40,000 jobs they did.. I listened to Bob Popkens call to mile hi to try to ploy them with business proposition to talk to the owner. That was a Tom Martino thing to do, very sneaky. I thought notifying us with the sexual predators was a great idea so we know whos out there. Who cares if they ask for an email address, don’t look if you don’t want to.