DefendMyStreet Owner’s Bad Business History

Even before scaring people into giving up their email addresses by spreading tales of sex offender bogeymen, Florian McCann did not have a good rep in Denver. Commentors Pelagius and AcilletaM found several complaints and even news items about McCann’s Mile HI Aeration company. Consumers complained about being billed and turned over to collections for aerations that were never performed. Frequently, poor service and damage to lawn sprinklers appear among the complaints. The BBB has over 339 complaints lodged against the company in the past 36 months, most unresolved. When Channel 7 asked Mile Hi back in 2002 about why it refuses to address complaints, they said they “don’t kiss up” to its customers.

McCann initially promoted his aeration services with flyers bearing the logos of the Colorado State University’s extension service and Denver Water. He had permission from neither to use their logos.

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