Colorado Pedophile Paranoia Site Probed

Our inside man at the Colorado Department of Public Safety tells us the guy posting pedophile-paranoia flyers all over suburban Colorado has been identified as one Florian McCann, who insists he’s “simply being a good neighbor.” The CPDS feels certain that he’s using the site, and fear-mongering, to gather email addresses, purpose unknown.

McCann’s definition of neighbor must be very broad, as Douglas County estimates he has distributed over 100,000 flyers. These flyers cropped up in Highlands Ranch, Lone Tree and Acres Green, with Parker estimated as the next town.

The state Sex Offender groups have hundreds of calls from “scared and confused” people wanting to know where the supposed “offender” is living. A further complication is that’s redirect skips over the main warning page on the Colorado sex offender registry. This page helps inform users how the site works and what they should expect from using it.

The CPDS would like the man to stop but they don’t seem to have any legal recourse. There’s no law against distributing flyers and setting up a website which redirects to another.

They have, however, been giving complainants McCann’s phone number.

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