Tear This Document To Shreds To See Your Wells Fargo Extended Protection Plan

Over at This Is Broken, reader Mike wrote in with a scan of an insert in his latest credit card bill from Wells Fargo. “One of those side-tear envelopes where you tear off one side and slide the contents out. The other three sides remain sealed, to ensure that the text printed on the inside of the envelope cover is unreadable.”

Mike explains:

    As you can see from the red box around the section titled “Extended Protection,” towards the bottom of the image, this program will “extend your original manufacturer’s warranty on eligible purchases made entirely of on your enrolled credit card up to 12 additional months on eligible warranties of 3 years or less” and then at the very bottom of the page, there is text that refers the reader to “See Important Disclosure enclosed for more details.”

    Well that Disclosure is printed on the *inside of the back cover of the envelope!*

    The “important disclosure” can’t be seen unless you rip apart the envelope, and most people would have already thrown away the envelope after opening it and removing the contents!

Which is a pretty good way of keeping customers uninformed of their rights, when you think about it. Even more bizarre, the terms and conditions of the extended protection plan does not include damaged or non-working goods. Making it good for… what, exactly?

Broken: Wells Fargo buyer’s defense program [This is Broken]

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