UPDATE: CVS Won’t Accept You’re Not Stacy

Chapter 2

Wherein We learn It Is Not CVS Constantly Rapping Upon Rob’s Cellphone, Who Still Remains Not Stacy, But Rather A Scurrilous Online Apothecary Rooking The Hapless And Helpless, And So An Inquest On Rob’s Part Ensues, Revealing Their Fell Identity And The Mewling Cries Of Victims In Their Wake…

“Hi guys

I thought I would give you an update on my calls from what I thought was CVS requesting Stacy.

They hadn’t called me for over a week when I just received another call on my cell, again from the same people, (The number on my cell showed 703)asking for Stacy.

I responded “no im not Stacy, but can I ask who’s calling please?” and this is where it gets interesting:
The caller was judging by the accent Indian, she told me that she was calling from RX Pharmacy and that I “use prescription drugs and they could sell them to me for cheap and make me very happy”, she then wanted to know the name of the drugs that I use and she could quote me a price and have them shipped to me.

So obviously not CVS.

I requested some more information about the company but all she was willing to tell me is that the company is called RX Pharmacy, that they are based in Salt Lake City and are the largest pharmacy in the united states. After a bit more pushing she said that she would get me a supervisor who would get more information for me, but first I had to tell her what drugs I was needing and needed filled by them. So I pulled some random sounding drug name from the air, and she corrected me with Xanax, and asked how many I wanted, 50, 90 etc. I went with 90.

After a brief wait her supervisor came on the line, and a bit more prodding from me yielded their customer support number: 866-272-6256, but he would not give me an address nor their internet address, apparently I would get that after I made my order and received a “Shiny, Glossy magazine” with my order. It was at this point I told him this was a cell phone and not to bother calling me again.

So I then did a bit of research, and yielded the following:
http://www.rxlist.com/rxboard/vicodin.pl?noframes;read=83858 – complaining about the scam

http://whocalled.us/lookup/8662726256 – A lot of comments talking about the abusive number of calls these guys get, not only from this number but multiple others.

So it appears to be a scam, it also appears that I will get another call whether I like it or not, and im guessing these guys aren’t based in the US so ive got no real recourse to stop the calls other than attempt to block each new number they call with.
Well thats my update!”

Previously: CVS Won’t Accept You’re Not Stacy

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