Cancel Cingular By “Moving” To Caliente

A reader reports he was able to get out of his Cingular contract by telling them he was moving to a remote area of NV.

After studying the coverage map, he called Cingular and asked if Caliente had service, knowing full well it didn’t. Cingular said roaming might be available and made a deal. After “moving” he should try it and if it didn’t work, call back. He did so, said, “hey, it doesn’t work” and Cingular canceled without applying an early termination fee.

The reader now has service with T-Mobile To-Go.

He justifies because while in order to get the company to do anything, you have to jump through tons of hoops, while “if they wish to charge me more, or change the terms of my service, they don’t even need to contact me.”