You, Sir, Are No Grout

I don’t know grout. That’s an area of expertise I’m happy to leave to the Polish workmen who magically appear every time I call my landlady and complain about the tiles dropping off my bathroom wall.

But Melissa over at Suburban Bliss knows grout. Or thinks she does. She’s pretty sure it isn’t the same thing as Silly Putty. Isn’t grout supposed to eventually harden? TrafficMaster Stainproof Grout from Home Depot doesn’t.

Melissa follows up with a complaint to TrafficMaster:

    Yesterday I started my letter writing and complaints with the company and several consumer groups. The company which makes TrafficMaster Stainproof Grout was first to reply. Assuring me that, from what she could tell in my pictures, the product was doing what it should. I guess it should be able to hold my pen in it, in case I want to write something while I’m showering.

    She said it never hardens like a cement based product and it says right in the ingredients it’s an acrylic copolymer, you silly woman, how could you have missed that? You see, I should have known this wasn’t grout but rather a glorified caulk. How silly of me.

The most entertaining post about grout I’ve ever read.

Don’t Buy TrafficMaster Stainproof Grout (Or Traffic Master Stainproof Grout either) [Suburban Bliss] (Thanks, Christy K-H!)