Hertz’s Green Collecion Isn’t

Our buddy Better Miles over at Upgrade Travel takes Hertz’s “Green Collection” of rental cars to the mat. Then rolls them up in the mat. Then feeds the mat through a Fargo-like wood chipper. Then urinates on the steaming slurry.

What’s his beef? Well, these vehicles ain’t green. There are no offered hybrids. And there aren’t even non-hybrids with decent gas mileage.

Consider the Buick LaCrosse, which gets a whooping 27 mph. HIGHWAY. 19 in the city. As Better Miles notes, “Nine-frickin’-teen miles per gallon is not green. This is a pathetic attempt to appeal to Americans’ increasing unease about the price of gas. A real green offering would be welcome, but this isn’t it.” Nope.

Hertz insults our environmental intelligence with their “Green” collection [Upgrade Travel]

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