Consumerist Ask Metafilter Round-Up

• Around August 8, the price of unleaded regular gasoline in Ohio and Oregon were the same, at about $3.01/gallon. Since then, the price of gas in Oregon has dropped only a nickel ($2.96/gallon), whereas the price of gas in Ohio has dropped a whopping 60 cents a gallon ($2.41/gallon) (figures via Why? [Link]

• The home inspection revealed that the house we’re trying to buy, listed as having a garage, does not have a functional garage. What, if any, legal recourse do we have? (i.e. are we entitled to compensation from the seller?) [Link]

• Who owns the internet? Who is in control? [Link]

• Is there an information source that gives average costs for utilities, rent, and other necessary expenses, broken down into categories, in specific cities or areas? [Link]

• Where should I move in order to maximize my chances of surviving the apocalypse? [Link]

• What is a guy to do about a seemingly unreasonable traffic charge? [Link]

• I am flying soon. I would like to bring a bottle of water to security, a nice plain Muji style bottle, with a custom label on it. What should be pasted on it for this lame, meaningless, nearly silent protest? What will not get me violated or detained, but will clearly state the idiocies of fear we are now enduring? [Link]