6,000 Panasonic Laptops Recalled

Out of concern that the batteries might combust, Panasonic announced a recall of Japanese models of CF-W4G Let’s Note W4 laptop sold between April and May 2005.

According to Gizmodo, they “will only malfunction if you smash it on a table…and…a spring in the battery latch [punctures] the battery.”

What a concept, recall the batteries before they explode in users hands.


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  1. bambino says:

    Only 6.000 were recalled?

  2. One is reminded of Ed Norton’s portion of dialog regarding recalls:

    If A = The number of people injured who might sue
    and B = The price of the recall

    If A

    Doth panasonic buck the trend?

  3. Morgan says:

    something_amazing, I’m pretty sure you meant that A=The number of people who might sue * the average cost of a settlement.

  4. I believe your paraphrasing is of higher accuracy :P *sits corrected*