Happy Day of Labor!

Today is a bank holiday for the Gawker Media Network but that doesn’t mean that the fickle wheel of commerce stops keep spinning round. Here’s some updates on consumer’s stories we reported on last week.

• ConsumerAvenger (going in the comments as The Cultural Icon) reports that she did finally receive a NEW motorola RAZR, just as she asked for. “I’m still planning on turning over creation because of what I’ve been through but at least people can call me,” she says.

• We wanted to know whatever happened with Andrew W and the creepy Comcast tech but he hasn’t responded to our followup inquest. Don’t leave us hanging!

• Dan says TWC has continued to be helpful and the next step is to get his roommate to give a description of the tech who showed up to his house unannounced. That’s proving difficult because his roommate is never home, never answers his phone or responds to his messages, and is in general, a useless schmuck.

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