The Adventures of Pepsiman

It’s Labor Day weekend. That means today’s a half-day for me and Ben. It also means that, depending how drunk we get, there may very well not be any posts on Monday. It also means that the posts we do put up today are going to be slacker heaven.

Like this one! But it’s worth it. After Terminator 2 came out in the mid-90’s, Pepsi Japan wanted to incorporate the liquid metal CGI technology into their commercials. The amazing, surrealist Pepsiman character is the result. Watch his greatest adventures, which always follow this formula:

1) A lone person wants a Pepsi.
2) Pepsiman comes speeding in at insane velocity, accompanied by a bitching guitar riff and an offscreen choir screaming “Pepsimannnnnnn!”
3) A yawning vortex opens in his face while he begins insanely waving his hand back and forth and Whooooosh-ing.
4) A horrific incident of crippling physical violence befalls Pepsiman.

This corporate mascot is one that definitely ought to have come Stateside.