Consumers Get Refund For Moribund Telephone Tax

Next April, you can get $30-$60 in drinking money and whoop it up on Uncle Sam. The IRS announced a new deduction for consumers following the May repeal of a moribund long-distance telephone tax.

The standard deduction starts at $30 and increases by $10 for every dependent claimed.

If you think you were hit harder than $30, you can add up the federal excise tax on your old telephone bills from March 2003 to July 2006 and apply for a refund.

The assessment originated in 1898 as a luxury tax to help fund the Spanish-American war.

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  1. gameraboy says:

    Any war of 1812 taxes we can get rid of now?

  2. Keira says:

    Why didn’t a lot of newsreel commentators write books calling the Spanish-American conflict the Last Good War?

  3. bandit says:

    You can get more than the $60 standard amount if you can dig up the past 3 years worth of phone records to determine how much tax you’ve ACTUALLY paid. For anyone with multiple phone lines and large bills, I suppose you could end up getting significantly more. IRS will also pay interest on the tax (which is included when you select the standard $60 instead). By the way, $60 is only if you’re married with two kids. If you’re single, you’re only going to get $30.