419 Scam Raid In Action

Here’s a sexy beeb video of a Nigerian cybercafe getting busted for sending out spam-scams. As thrilling as it is to see these jerks arrested, the EFCC’s job has to be akin to whack-a-mole.


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  1. You think the raid is great, stick around til the end when the Nigerian citizens open fire on the EFCC.

    You’ve got to be f’ing kidding me! Not only is their internet cafe probably nicer and more up to date than the ones here locally in my city, but, how sad it is when the citizens of your country will open fire upon the authorities for shutting down fraud operations.

  2. I’ve waited my whole life to do what the EFCC man does in the background at 1:25 in. Just one whack across the face, spammer. Just one.

  3. Note that Federal employees in Nigeria are paid about two US dollars a day.

    That may be what those cops get. Heck, even if they’re on five times the minimum Federal-employee wage, they’re still only getting ten bucks a day. Even in Nigeria, that’s not enough to keep your family fed and housed.

    So if any of those scammers are actually successful, even if they only scam someone out of $US1000, they’ve instantly made more money than they could hope to earn honestly in a year. And if any of them have that much money on call, they can effortlessly bribe their way out of jail. Only the crappy scammers are likely to stay locked up.

    And I don’t blame the corrupt cops, either. Government employees in Nigeria have to take bribes if they want to feed their kids and pay the rent.

  4. madderhatter says:

    Nice PR for Dell.

  5. medalian1 says:

    I can’t believe people STILL fall for these 419 scams. I think they’re the same people still paying $24.99 a month for AOL!!

    I personally don’t mind the 419 scams and play with the scammers. My new game is to ask THEM to send me $XX USD to confirm they are legitimate. I’ve got two on the line that are supposed to be sending me $20 bucks, so we’ll see.

    Here are two sites that show how much fun you can have w/ 419 scammers …


    I usually forward them to my work email to play w/ them from there. Use http://www.privatephone.com to get a local phone # you can give out (forwards directly to voicemail, which you can retreive online or via email).

    It can really be fun and pass the time.

  6. Good catch Kilgore. I liked that a lot…

  7. timmus says:

    I look at those computers in the video and find myself wondering who shipped them there. “Hello, Dell, yes, we’re located in Nigeria and we need 10 Celeron desktop computers, here’s a credit card number.”

    Yeah, I’m guessing most of the commerce goes through traditional routes, country-to-country via large, established corporations.

  8. geel says:

    on a technical note they took the moniters and keyboards and mice were as the fcc and fbi only take the computer itself

  9. d0x says:

    The guy at the end of the email says they are winning the war but email box’s all over the country say he’s wrong. Another piece of evidence that they arent winning is all the damn people who are throwing rocks and threatening violence pretty much means they are doing the scams too and now they need a new cafe.