iPod Mechanic Bristles Over Post

Two months after we posted a negative user review, the owner of iPodMechanic.com sent us this note:

    “This article was posted without contacting us or studying any of the facts. We’re not fly by night we have answered all of our emails to date. We admit to a slow service for a small period of time in which we were experiencing some staffing issues among other things. We were wrong to not have communicated better but this article is over the top.

    We respectfully ask that the original article be removed as it was originally exaggerated and the problem has since been solved. “


We posted an update on the very post indicating the complainant got resolution. Judging from the comments people sent in, who were not our readers but customers feeling similarly jilted and Googling for info on your company, this was not an isolated incident. You might want to look into posting a phone number for people to reach you at. Filling in that empty Privacy Notice page is probably a good idea, too.

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