iPod Mechanic Bristles Over Post

Two months after we posted a negative user review, the owner of iPodMechanic.com sent us this note:

    “This article was posted without contacting us or studying any of the facts. We’re not fly by night we have answered all of our emails to date. We admit to a slow service for a small period of time in which we were experiencing some staffing issues among other things. We were wrong to not have communicated better but this article is over the top.

    We respectfully ask that the original article be removed as it was originally exaggerated and the problem has since been solved. “


We posted an update on the very post indicating the complainant got resolution. Judging from the comments people sent in, who were not our readers but customers feeling similarly jilted and Googling for info on your company, this was not an isolated incident. You might want to look into posting a phone number for people to reach you at. Filling in that empty Privacy Notice page is probably a good idea, too.


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  1. Put here your Privacy Notice information.
    Perhaps they expect the customers to fill it in.

    This article was posted without contacting us or studying any of the facts.
    What are you, new? Consumerist (or anyone else for that matter) isn’t required to contact you before posting something about you. As for not studying the facts, it’s clear that they read the e-mail that was posted. What other facts were they supposed to consider.

    …this article is over the top…it was originally exaggerated
    Now that’s just an outright lie. Scott uses specific periods of time, dates, and quotes the e-mail he recieved from iPodmechanic. He never says “Oh, this took FOREVER,” or “These people must rip everyone off”. He simply states what happened and you can’t expect Consumerist to remove it just because it made you look bad.

  2. RandomHookup says:

    Coming soon: Consumerist Consulting. Pay us big bucks to find out how screwed up you are or we make you look bad (and post naked pictures of your wife).

  3. Ishmael says:

    Hey ConEds, you did right on this one. We bash you on occasion for tasteless jokes and such, but you have my full support here. The original complaint was very specific and factual. The part where several non-commenters wrote in and said they had the same problems lends credence to the complaint. Do you contact WalMart or Time-Warner Cable everytime someone posts a complaint? No, you don’t, and there was no reason to try to contact this guy. Especially when his PAYING CLIENTS couldn’t get ahold of him either.

  4. etinterrapax says:

    Yeah, implying that they would have responded to negative publicity when they weren’t finding the time to tend to their own customers isn’t exactly restoring my faith in them at this point, either. Why is it so hard for companies of all sizes to understand that it’s what they do that matters?

    Allow me to simplify: do good——->look good. And: let people find out that you do good instead of screaming it all over the place to prove you’re not crapweasels——->look even better.

  5. Boston Kevin says:

    Also, Ipod Mechanic? I assume you’re reading this. Why don’t you spend a little bit more time taking care of your business, and a little less time responding to months-old blog posts. I had forgotten all about how shitty Ipod Mechanic was until I read Consumerist again this morning. In your case, there’s no such thing as GOOD publicity. Quit your bitchin’ and fix your business.

  6. Joel Johnson says:

    You should give them a comments login, so they can say their piece.

  7. Ben Popken says:

    I already asked for a statement via email, but haven’t heard anything back. If they respond, I will offer an invite.

  8. bamzbrat says:

    I wish I would have looked a little deeper before sending my kids ipod to the ipod mechanic,not only did they not repair the ipod ,after choosing to have it returned ,they responded with my choice was recycle the ipod,and to put the topping on this cake ,not only am i out an ipod ,but they have charged my bank card as well.Does anyone out there know how I can make them rectify this issue?

  9. howewitte says:

    I sent my ipod to be repaired (for $99) on May 30th and it came back 6 weeks later…not working. I sent it back and they sent it back, saying it was fine. It didn’t work. I sent it back again and they said it worked fine and maybe need a cable and charger. For $29. The ipod came back, not working. The cable and charger never showed up, but the charge on my credit card did. They said it must have been lost in the mail, but the tracking number says that it never arrived at the post office. Aside from me being too trusting and maybe stupid, I would say that, yes they need to fix their business. But then, perhaps they are merely charlatans?

  10. bsackett says:

    I can not believe that this company is allowed to do business. What a scam. I send my ipod in at my expense to expedite overnite only to have it become a nightmare. But first things first, my credit card was charged immediately for a battery. I informed them that I would not be at this location in five days and needed a quick turn around. I emailed and got information that it was there but it needed a new logic card. What would have happened if I had not called. At this point my credit card had been charged $70+. After getting the explanation for the need of the logic card I tell them to go ahead and fix it. I am now thinking, boy will my daughter be surprised – new super battery and a new logic card. Credit card now is charged $40+ and guess what another $70. I call and leave message to have them call me and ask that the second $70 be reversed. Guess what I am still waiting for the call more than a week later. I also send an email message with no response. They must have closed early for Christmas. On December 21st I receive the ipod back and pack it and head home for the holidays. Drive all night (10 hours)thinking the whole time that my daughter will get an upgraded ipod with an extra long battery. Surprise, Surprise. As we are wrapping the presents I decide to charge the ipod so it is ready on Christmas Eve for my daughter (the one thing she really wanted). You guessed it, nothing was ever done or they did not do the right repair. The ipod does the same thing as when I sent it several weeks ago. I tried to call and quess what — the phone number on the package I received it in is not even IPOD MECHANICS number. I go to the internet and find another number only to get a message and again I leave another message. I am mad but what do I say to my daughter tomorrow night when the present is not there, Oh IPOD MECHANIC did not fix it right. Does IPOD MECHANIC want to call her and explain. They can not even return my call. Hopefully, they did not spend the money they charged my card because it no longer exists. Hey IPOD have a good holiday and hopefully you did not do this to anyone else. If this comment makes you call me my number is 972-971-0550 I’ll be happy to talk to you as I will be talking to others.. Others BEWARE of IPOD MECHANIC!!!!

  11. DBM says:

    I am writing this as a follow up to a repair Ipod Mechanic did. First the
    replacement of HD was great. What was not so great was the
    fact that I sent in a pristine iPod and what I got back was
    scratched to hell!!!. You could at least repackage the iPod
    in something besides a soft sided envelope. I would recommend
    spending 2 cents and wrap them in stretch plastic wrap (Saran wrap).
    I was very, very disappointed in this.

  12. cyberbebe says:

    I also got screwed by IPOD MECHANIC. Their Customer Service is a Joke! I refused a repair of $149, so they asked me to bargain a price with them. I said 85, they said No, but alternatively they would buy it for 15. I said NO to ship it to me for the total handling fee of 25. She said How about 20 dollars. I said NO. Now I’m waiting for a response back. They DONT understand what “NO” Means. Idios.

  13. iPodhell says:

    DO NOT…I REPEAT, DO NOT use iPod Mechanic. I have filed complaints with the Better Business Bureau (along with many others) and with the Feds. at this point for fraud. Not only did my iPod take months to fix, it cost as much as buying a new one. When it came back there was another problem with it! It was never tested before it was sent back. Upon receiving a complaint from the BBB, they contacted me and said they would fix the “new” problem even though it wasn’t in the warranty agreement. Keep in mind this “new” problem wasn’t a problem before it was sent to their company. I called the company to make sure they would fix it as they said in the letter because I was worried about just sending it in as they take months to repair anything and I believe them to be untrustworthy. When I called the representative said they wouldn’t fix it, regardless of the letter sent through the BBB because it was a different issue. By the time I contacted the BBB about this they had already closed the case as resolved. NOT RESOLVED! They’re crooks, they’re rude and will take your money with no remorse. They are unethical. Stay away.

  14. seveer13 says:

    You know I find this information here and I want to SCream. I sent my daughters Ipod in around Dec. 15th 2007. I get an email January 16th Asking if I agree to the repairs I said yes of course. Then Jan 17th I receive a letter from an Attorney representing Ipod Mechanic.com. It states that it wont be repaired and will be returned in time. I call the attorney and get nowhere just rude short answers and he takes my repair order number and says he is working on it. After 3 weeks of the website being down some new nonsense about the government has my Ipod. I want to take a second and call BS! A family member of mine works for the FBI and cant find any trace of any agency who might have gotten involved. So what gives? I called the Portage MI. Police dept. They have a detective assigned to this case and said there is hundreds of complaints. SO WTF? Why isnt anyone doing anything I get the run around from every state agency I call up there in MI. So if anyone else knows how I can get further let me know…Im ready to get some gas and shells and take a drive…..GGGRRRR

  15. Hmshanno says:

    I just got off the phone with the Portage Michigan police and apparently the Feds are investigating them for mail fraud. The USPS doesn’t have anything on their website yet. Essentially, I Pod Mechanic has been busted and all the items in their shop have been confiscated. The police from Portage are calling me back later with an official Postal Service or Fed email contact/number. I will post it when I get the call.

    The Portage Police Department is 269-329-4567.

  16. Hmshanno says:

    Found out yesterday that IPod mechanic was shut down for mail fraud and some other fraud relative to taking some 500 I Pods from people and keeping them. The law firm of Levine and Levine in Kalamazoo is handling the case. The guy was relatively nice (one of the Levines), but couldn’t tell me when I’d get my IPod back. People should bombard his office.

    Contact the US POstal Service and U.S. Attorney Generals office in Kalamazoo (or GRand Rapids) for more info.