Hack Your Life Roundup

What your old cell phone says about you. “…the old cell phone you give away or sell on eBay could contain easily-undeleted data about your life and your private communications.”
Troubleshoot your PC speakers. “Lately, my PC speakers have sounded like a bowl of Rice Crispies, so this speakers troubleshooting guide over at WikiHow arrived just in time.”
Ask the Readers: Cheap textbooks? “Ah, a new school year – and a new trip to the bookstore where you spend your life (or your parents’) savings on a stack of bricks you’ll lug around campus all semester.”
Boost your cell phone’s signal. “If you’ve got bad cell phone reception at your home, office, or in the car, Popular Science suggests installing a cellular amplifier to boost your signal.”
Calculate your car’s miles per dollar. “Calculating your MP$ is an interesting way to measure the approximate cost of any trip you take.”