Cablevision Won’t Take No Answer For An Answer

This is the log of calls Brian has received from 516-393-0168.

Thursday, 8/3, 3:02 pm
Thursday, 8/3, 4:16 pm
Tuesday, 8/8, 5:20 pm
Wednesday, 8/9, 12:58 pm
Wednesday, 8/9, 4:18 pm
Wednesday, 8/23, 1:30 pm
Wednesday, 8/23, 8:37 pm
Saturday, 8/26, 9:34 am
Monday, 8/28, 3:20 pm
Tuesday, 8/29, 1:16 pm
Tuesday, 8/29, 3:13 pm
Tuesday, 8/29, 4:50 pm
Tuesday, 8/29, 6:49 pm
Thursday, 8/31, 2:55 pm
Thursday, 8/31, 3:08 pm

Googling reveals the number is one Cablevision is using to pitch Optimum voice and high-speed broadband. Brian says, “I have yet to answer one of these calls, and I don’t intend to. I’m curious to see how many times they will harass one of their own paying customers. So far, 15 calls in 4 weeks. I’d call that harassment…”

Right now your number is still in their system as an active lead. If Brian did, however, want the calls to stop, picking up the phone and saying, “No thanks, not interested, please take me off your list,” oftentimes works like a charm.


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  1. datruesurfer says:

    I just called that number…

    ” Thank you for calling Cablevision. To speak with a represenitave, press 1. To be placed on the Do Not Call List, press 2.”

  2. mactbone says:

    My sister kept getting calls from the newspaper trying to get her to subscribe so when I was over there one time I finally just answered and asked them to stop calling. They were fine with it. I don’t know why companies think they need to call all the time to get somebody to buy their product but the ones I’ve dealt with are fine when you want them to stop.

  3. Ubermaus says:

    I started getting calls twice a day from Charter after they began offering telephone service in my area. At first I ignored them, but they kept coming, so I just answered the phone, said “If this is a sales call, I’m not interested,” and hung up. No more calls! Now if I could just get them to stop flooding my tiny mailbox with obnoxious oversized postcards ….

  4. homerjay says:

    I had the same problem with Chemlawn last winter. After a couple weeks og logging them with the DNC registery I finally answered and told them not to call back.

    On top of that, I’m a competitor of theirs!

  5. Lioness says:

    OK… here’s one that stopped a chimney cleaning service from daily calls. They kept asking for my Dad (deceased for the past 20 years, but the directory “listing” is still in his name.) After multiple “no thank you’s” failed to convince them, I told them my Dad had moved, gave them a phone number, and said he was in “unit L-14”. The phone number I gave them was for the cemetery!!! They never called back!!!

  6. jennz818 says:

    I have been called at least 5 times today by Cablevision. I’m sure I will be called 5 times tomorrow. AH HA… I type I just got another call. I immediately picked up the phone and started going off on this poor man. I explained that I will report them if I continue to receive phone calls. He apoligized perfusely but then continued to try and sell me on their optimum voice package!!!!