Cablevision Won’t Take No Answer For An Answer

This is the log of calls Brian has received from 516-393-0168.

Thursday, 8/3, 3:02 pm
Thursday, 8/3, 4:16 pm
Tuesday, 8/8, 5:20 pm
Wednesday, 8/9, 12:58 pm
Wednesday, 8/9, 4:18 pm
Wednesday, 8/23, 1:30 pm
Wednesday, 8/23, 8:37 pm
Saturday, 8/26, 9:34 am
Monday, 8/28, 3:20 pm
Tuesday, 8/29, 1:16 pm
Tuesday, 8/29, 3:13 pm
Tuesday, 8/29, 4:50 pm
Tuesday, 8/29, 6:49 pm
Thursday, 8/31, 2:55 pm
Thursday, 8/31, 3:08 pm

Googling reveals the number is one Cablevision is using to pitch Optimum voice and high-speed broadband. Brian says, “I have yet to answer one of these calls, and I don’t intend to. I’m curious to see how many times they will harass one of their own paying customers. So far, 15 calls in 4 weeks. I’d call that harassment…”

Right now your number is still in their system as an active lead. If Brian did, however, want the calls to stop, picking up the phone and saying, “No thanks, not interested, please take me off your list,” oftentimes works like a charm.