Want Cigs With That?

A King Soopers at at East Ninth Avenue and Corona Street in Denver got a little bad press this week after reports emerged that it was upselling at the checkout line. What was the product cashiers were asking with their groceries? Not Mentos, Soaps Today or batteries, but cancer sticks. That’s right, cigarettes.

A spokesman for King Soopers blamed it on the store manager and said it was not a phenomenon in any of its other stores.

Shoppers report ice and stamps were also suggested at checkout. How presumptious. Do I look like someone who mails letters?

(Thanks to Brandon!)


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  1. The Kangaroo down the road isn’t that bad – if you walk up to checkout with just a gatorade the hunchback behind the counter suggestively points towards the cigarettes and asks if I want anything else or if I’m forgetting anything.

  2. RandomHookup says:

    Sure, but they still offer Ding Dongs to the fat dude.

  3. It’s kind of funny, as well, because they just put in place a smoking ban on pretty much all public spaces.