Sidekick Celebrity Hacker House Arrested, Fined

Gizmoodo notes the hacker who penetrated T-mobile Sidekick servers and accessed user’s private information, has been sentenced to house arrested and ordered to pay T-Mobile $10,000. Among the compromised data set was a Secret Service agent’s secret documents and candids of Nicole Richie, Paris Hilton, and Demi Moore (left) and Ashton Kutcher (right, cowboy hat).

Ok, we get it, we all know about the Sidekick after this little publicity stunt. But going the distance with actually having him fined and put under house arrest? That’s a master touch.


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  1. John Stracke says:

    So…is he banned from going online during this year at home? ‘Cause, if not, he may not consider it much of a punishment.

  2. This kid is lucky that he hacked T-Mobile’s servers and not Verizon’s VIP servers, or he’d be breakin rocks in a North Korean prison camp.