Best Buy Encourages Shopppers To Buy CyberPoopy

Over the weekend, an error on the Best Buy website returned very curious results. Searching for “Cybershot 7.2” returned not only no direct results, but what they suggested instead was quite, shall we say, unbecoming.

BestBuy! Such a potty mouth! At least now they’re being honest about the quality of their products.

We’d hate to see what the extended warranty on that looks like. As well as what terms and conditions under which it would be void.


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  1. neobolts says:

    The internet has long ago made a cynic of me. The “slick” video zoom-in
    and curious clicking & typing sound effects make me wonder if this
    is for real…or just a digital hoax whipped up by a dissatisfied
    Cybershot owner.

  2. Ben Popken says:

    Judging from the number of comments on the Digg post, it was real.

  3. Triteon says:

    Rather than rely on wikiality, I went to and tried it– apparently the problem was corrected, as the search returned 281 matches and no Cybershit.

  4. chrisegill1 says:

    bought a laptop computer at best buy in California Md. It was in a sealed box. When I got home my wife opened the box and found a wheel inside with wrapping paper and bubble wrap. took box and everything else back to best buy and all they did was laugh at my wife and said to call tosheba cause it was factory sealed. They won’t do anything cause there is no product to return and the store won’t do anything cause it was sealed when it left the store. they have a store/corp policy to not break the seal. now I am out 1674.98 cents. They also will not check it before you leave the store.
    Still have not heard from corp office and have taken steps to report FRAUD to FTC and will be seeing state attorney tomorrow. I have also put a stop/challenge to master card.
    Make sure you check item bought cause if you walk out they will do nothing but laugh at you if you return the item…

  5. chrisegill1 says:

    I have got contacted by the corp, but just to say they were investigating the issue. Still have to see the state attorneys office. I have since read maybe 100 reports against best buy, not just on this sight but others as well. I understand scams are ramp it but what get me most was when my wife ask if she requested the store to open a box in the store if asked they said no…. to me this make them very dishonest. why would you be afraid to open a box the customer just purchased unless your afraid they may find something other than what was purchased. My lawyer said what happened to me and I am sure to others is the legal definition of fraud.

  6. chrisegill1 says:

    Still no word from best buy…but i got a 2.5 lb rebot weight that will do windows (if you throw it threw one hard enouth)

  7. chrisegill1 says:

    Got the call from the store. they replaced the computer with a new one. (had to first restore the availability of the store to charge the card first. wife is currently enjoying it. so there is a happy ending (when your are persistent enouth.) also the store did an inventory and found another computer box with no computer in it……