2006 Jeep Cherokee Is The Best Car Ever… To Run Over Little Kids

It’s debatable, the best automobile in the world. So many contenders. Do you go for gas efficiency? Sleek looks? The powerful throbbing of its engine? Whether or not it can transform into a giant robot?

But the worst car in the world? That isn’t debatable. It’s the 2006 Jeep Commander. Why? Because it’s the worst “blind zone” offender, according to Consumer Reports’ 2006 study of vehicle blind zones. And the kicker? Most of those killed by the blind zone are children.

According to Kids and Cars, more than one hundred children were killed by behicles like the Jeep Commander in 2006, because drivers couldn’t see behind them. And from 2001 to 2003, nearly 7,500 children went to the emergency room after a blind spot caused a car to back over them.

Everyone who has ever seen The Toxic Avenger knows that backing over a small child is worth ten points. Of course, negative points if you didn’t mean to hit them.

2006 Jeep Commander Named Worst “Blind Zone” Offender [Consumer Affairs]

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