2006 Jeep Cherokee Is The Best Car Ever… To Run Over Little Kids

It’s debatable, the best automobile in the world. So many contenders. Do you go for gas efficiency? Sleek looks? The powerful throbbing of its engine? Whether or not it can transform into a giant robot?

But the worst car in the world? That isn’t debatable. It’s the 2006 Jeep Commander. Why? Because it’s the worst “blind zone” offender, according to Consumer Reports’ 2006 study of vehicle blind zones. And the kicker? Most of those killed by the blind zone are children.

According to Kids and Cars, more than one hundred children were killed by behicles like the Jeep Commander in 2006, because drivers couldn’t see behind them. And from 2001 to 2003, nearly 7,500 children went to the emergency room after a blind spot caused a car to back over them.

Everyone who has ever seen The Toxic Avenger knows that backing over a small child is worth ten points. Of course, negative points if you didn’t mean to hit them.

2006 Jeep Commander Named Worst “Blind Zone” Offender [Consumer Affairs]


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  1. B says:

    The post says Commander, but the picture and title say Cherokee. The Jeep Commander is the uglier, boxier looking one.

  2. Amy Alkon000 says:

    Too many people in America drive huge or large vehicles for no reason, polluting the environment and endangering the rest of us. It’s a form of consumer rudeness.

  3. Paul D says:

    Oddly enough, the pic used here is the same as the one from the Consumer Affairs article. I blame them for the error.

    The Consumerist overlords are infallible. All your call center are belong to us.

  4. Gizmodo says:

    Cherokee does not = Grand Cherokee does not = Commander.

    A Jeep is also a brand, not a name for any SUV.

    Everyone knows the Commander is rubbish – you can get several $k off the price b/c they look like they were designed by a Chinese toaster plant. The Compass is no better. The pinnacle of Jeep engineering was the 1998 5.9Litre Grand Cherokee Limited which is now 8yrs old…

  5. LeopardSeal says:

    Not only is the picture of a Jeep Grand Cherokee, as noted above, but it isn’t even of a 2006 Grand Cherokee. The body style was competely changed for the 2005 model year.

    As for running small children over, I’ve drove a Commander for a bit and have yet to bloody the pavement with any small humans. For those who need more help than thier eyes and back-up sensors provide, the 2007 model has an available back-up camera and in-dash monitor.

  6. Triteon says:

    Any vehicle that requires military-grade electronics in order to back out of the driveway is too much car.

  7. Triteon says:

    Wait– self-edit: replace “Any vehicle” with “Most personal vehicles”

  8. Commander = Jeep’s attempt to Hummer-fy what used to be a perfectly good lineup of SUVs.

    Good lord, what an ugly thing. I’m not surprised it’s got a huge blind spot – it’s got a back end bigger than Paul Prudhomme.

  9. Ishmael says:

    I understand what Kids and Cars is for – they’re a good organization that really works to make cars safer for the little ones.

    However, are people backing over small children because they can’t see behind them, or because the small child’s parent has lost hold of him/isn’t watching/doesn’t care? Conversely, are the people driving these things putting them into reverse and slamming on the gas? I drove a Suburban for many years (when gas was $0.85 for regular), and was always certain to back up very slowly in parking lots and when I knew small children were around.

    Before we blame Jeep, can we have more information about the places that children are getting run over, and the situation? Accidents happen (read: Boiled Walmart Baby) but how much of this is really the car’s faulty design, and not a lack of personal responsibility, either on the driver’s or the parent’s end?

  10. AcidReign says:

    …..Amy is right. Detroit and the media have convinced us Testosterone-types that we have to have a suitably potent car. (Especially us 97-pound weaklings…) I bought a fuel injected V-8 T-Bird back 20-some-odd years ago exactly on that premise. It was an amazing combination of speed and low-rider comfort, but… Gasoline and maintenance were eating me alive. Fords eat an alternator (and possibly the battery) every couple of years.

    …..And… you know what? Nobody you actually know really cares what you drive. At best, they’ll consider you either an asshole or global destroyer, at worst: they’ll ignore you. These days, if it will get me from point A to B in air-conditioned comfort, and at the speed limit, I’m happy.