Consumerist Lesson of the Day: Good Service Should Not Be Treated Cynically.

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And, once again, we are proven so sweetly redundant:

And, once again, we are proven so sweetly redundant:

I recently switched from Sprint PCS to Cingular. There were a few reasons for the switch: I wanted a particular phone (HTC/Cingular 8125 – loving it), better coverage in areas I’ll be traveling to shortly, and also something just never sat right with me after Sprint and Nextel merged – can’t explain it – just a feeling. I waited for my Sprint contract to expire and then ported my phone over to Cingular. It was a really painless process and I got a prompt connection when I called in to activate. Everything was going peachy. Then I got my final Sprint bill and there was a $100 cancelation fee. WTF. As I was dialing the Sprint CS number I started writing an angry Consumerist post in my head. Those fuckers… trying to get in one last charge on me. But then it happened… I got through to the operator, gave her my old account number and told her the problem. She typed for a few minutes then said, “Okay, I reversed the charge on your account. You have a zero balance.” Sweet. I didn’t have to repeat any information. I didn’t have to beg. I didn’t even need to raise my voice. Customer service as it should be – direct and to the point.

So maybe I had Sprint figured wrong. Or maybe I just caught the only properly-trained cellular CSR in the world. They’ll probably lay her off tomorrow.

Fuck, we’re not cynics. If they treated you right, that’s the way we not only hope it is, we know it’s the way it should be. Good going, Sprint. Don’t fire that wonderful girl.