Foie Gras Thwarted With Citizen’s Arrests!

There’s nothing like smearing the pulverized liver of a goose upon a fresh slice of baguette, sipping daintily upon a small glass of heady wine, staring longingly into a lover’s adoring face… then having her stand up and declare citizen’s arrest.

That’s what goose-liver snarfing Chicagoans are discovering after a recent ban on foie gras was imposed in the Windy City, courtesy of Alderman Joe Moore. “This is a product that involves the torture of an animal, and all this ban does is ban the product of animal torture,” he said. Fair enough — but then again, I just watched a documentary about how baboons like to rip the flesh off of trapped gazelles alive, and for me, that pretty much put foie gras in perspective.

But the DEA’s not about to go splintering doors over the gelatinous dollop of a fattened goose liver. It’s all up to citizen’s arrest. Meanwhile, foie gras afficionados think this is pretty much the stupidest thing ever: “I don’t think it’s up to an alderman to decide what food should be served or not serviced in Chicago,” said Tammy Cozzi, a Chicagoan. Welcome to the nanny state, Tammy!

Owner Plans to Sue Over Foie Gras Ban [CBS]

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