CDC: MoistureLoc, Yep, It Had Fungus

An official report concluded Renu MositureLoc was the only eye care solution contributing to outbreaks of Fusarium infection earlier this year. They still had no clue why, though.

Furthermore, the report’s authors, “…noted that in 25 percent of the Fusarium cases…doctors had at first mistakenly prescribed an anti-inflammatory treatment that is appropriate for bacterial infections but actually makes fungal infections worse.”

Maybe the epidemiologists misdiagnosed the infection, a forest of orange fungal goo impairing their vision.


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  1. Dr. Eirik says:

    What might also be intersting is what I heard at a recent meeting regarding what happened with MoistureLoc. Apparently, there are some researchers in the field that have a suspision (but as of yet, no proof) that there may have been a specific lens-solution combination that was the problem. I won’t mention the lens, since I’m not intersted in being sued, but I will say that it wasn’t one of the newer silicon lenses that Renu was reformulated for.

    Also, as there isn’t a good reporting mechanism for these incidents, there may have, in fact, been a great many more fungal infections than we’ve heard about (the speaker at this meeting knew of at least one in Portland, OR that wasn’t reported).

    With respect to the treatments given, though, fungal infections are extreamly rare. A place like Bascom-Palmer gets maybe half a dozen a year or so. Most OD’s and MD’s are not going to get it right the first time unless they are very lucky. When you see a red eye, you start thinking inflammation or bacterial infection, not fungus.